I often receive calls from people considering obtaining a Georgia real estate license. They contact me because I am on the Georgia Real Estate Commissions list of approved real estate schools located on the south side of Atlanta. I explain that I only provide the pre-license course online through and affiliation with The CE Shop and registration is as simple and quick as clicking the link on the top right side of the menu on my web-site http://sylviashelnutt.com. They can start the course as soon as they register on the site.

However, that isn’t what the caller really wants to talk about. They want to talk about real estate and ask questions. They are trying to make a career change decision and they need information. They want to know what is involved in obtaining a Georgia real license. They ask, what how much will it cost? How to get a job in real estate?  They may think they want a career change, but they need details.  I wrote an article that gives an excellent description of what a person should know when contemplating a career change into real estate here: http://www.sylviashelnutt.com/real-estate-career-for/

To answer to some of the many questions I am asked regarding obtaining a real estate license in Georgia, I am writing this article including detailed information regarding taking the pre-license course, passing the state real estate license examination, providing the numerous documents required to take the state examination, obtaining the Georgia real estate license, and discussing some of the numerous cost involved.

Cost: The real estate license course will cost around $400 for the course alone.  The course is 75 hours, either in-class or online. The online course allows 6 months to be complete but can be finished as quickly as the person can process through the material. A person taking the pre-license course must pass the school final course exam in order to be eligible to take the state real estate license examination. Testing for the final school examination is proctored and online students must travel to the school testing site to take the final school examination. If you do not pass the school course final examination you can schedule through the school to retake the test.

The fee for the state examination is $115. If you do not pass the state examination the first time you can schedule to retake the exam again at a fee of $115 for each retake. To reschedule the examination, you must make a new application through AMP Testing Center by phone or online, contact to be found in the link below to the candidate handbook. The proctor at the testing center cannot reschedule the exam.

Upon passing the state real estate examination, the cost to purchase the Georgia Real Estate license is $170. The license is issued at the testing center location. When the applicant is told they have passed the examination they must be prepared to pay the $170 to receive their real estate license.

Documents required for testing and receiving a Georgia Real Estate License: Georgia Real Estate Candidate Handbook  The Georgia Real Estate License Candidate Handbook contains all the information regarding the documents required and the document forms described below. All the information below is covered thoroughly in the handbook link. The forms mentioned below must accompany the applicant to the state real estate testing center.

Georgia Criminal Information Center Report: Within 60 days of making application to take the Georgia real estate state examination the applicant must obtain a Georgia Crime Information Center report.  The form is in the handbook and can be filled out, but it must be taken to the Sheriff’s office or police department in the county of residence to be completed. The cost of the report varies with each Sheriff’s Department or police department.

Notice: If the report shows a felony, non-payment of child support, delinquency of student loans, or any type of offense the applicant may be unable to receive a real estate license. The Georgia Real Estate Commission allows the applicant to request a hearing in such an event. If you think that there could or would be something showing on the GCIC report that could prevent you from obtaining a real estate license it is a very good idea to request the report before you invest the time and money in the pre-license course. If you elect to obtain the GICR report prior to taking the pre-license course to ascertain if you record is clear and you can receive a Georgia real estate license, remember the report must show that it was obtained within 60 days prior to taking the state examination. You will need to re-order the GCIC and pay for it again in order to meet the 60-day requirement.

Lawful Presence Affidavit: This form must be signed and notarized and taken to the state real estate examination. The form states if you are a resident of the United States or from another country and shows your lawful presence. The form is in the handbook.

Valid form of photo identification: Must be shown at the state testing center for identification to take the state real estate examination. Driver’s license or passports are the usual forms of photo identification used.

However, the candidate handbook lists other types of identification that can be used.

Sponsoring Brokers Form: A form signed by the broker verifying that you are to work on behalf of the brokerage firm must be presented to receive an active license.

Certification of Accuracy Statement: This form is to be taken to the state examination testing center but it is not signed until you are notified that you passed the examination and will receive a license.

Request for Special Examination Accommodations – Documentation of Disability-Related Needs: If the real estate state test applicant has a disability covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act they may request special accommodations for testing.

Veteran Preference Points:  The score report you receive will not include veteran’s preference points. If you are an honorably discharged veteran with at least one year of active duty who served at least 90 days during wartime, you may qualify for veteran’s preference points. You should review Rule 520-1-.04(3) of the Commission’s Rules and Regulations for the limits and requirements to obtain veteran’s preference.

I very sincerely hope that this article describes the many details involved in obtaining a Georgia Real Estate License and answer some of your questions.